Why Should You Sleep On Silk

There are still so many people that are unaware of what silk pillowcases actually can do for you! 


Silk pillowcase benefits are not just a myth spread by manufacturers to lure you in for more sales, it actually does miracles for you overnight. 


Pure silk may be more expensive than other materials but it’s a good investment for your hair and skin care. By sleeping on one of those silk covers not only will you reduce frizziness but also minimise hair tangling. Studies have shown that silk helps reduce friction that causes kinks and split ends on your hair. Thanks to the fabric’s luxurious smoothness, there is no friction with the fibres that usually happens with wool or cotton linens. It can also help reduce hair loss.This is because we put pressure on our heads as we lie on our back or on the sides.

The tendency is that the strands catch up with the wool and cotton fibres, and you’re tossing and turning can cause them to be pulled from your scalp.

By changing your pillowcase material to silk, you can help reduce breakage and even promote longer and healthier hair growth.


 By switching to silk pillowcases, you’re guaranteed to stay moisturised throughout the  night and even leave your skin soft until the morning. Your skin just glide over this smooth fabric as you sleep, keeping your skincare product unharmed overnight.



By sleeping on silk pillowcase you can be confident that your pimples will stay under control. The claim that silk pillowcases can help reduce acne is actually founded by the fact that the fabric is able to prevent the growth of bacteria, primarily the strep bacteria which causes acne. It also has an antibacterial barrier that discourages the growth of moulds and mites, which in turn can benefit your skin and respiratory health.

Some people feel allergic to common linen fabrics that they developed asthma and all sorts of allergies just by coming into contact with their bedding and pillowcases.

Because silk is hypoallergenic, you can rest assured that you’ll stay safe from allergens and potential sickness.


Finally one of the most important benefits is that it prevents wrinkles! Pressure plays a role in getting skin creases and wrinkles, but a silk fabric can reverse this condition easily.

Silk provides a natural soft cushioning for the face, which acts like a memory foam that doesn’t create pressure on your skin.



In conclusion, silk pillowcase can be one of the best long term beauty investments that will change your life! 


Sleeping on silk pillowcase: 

  1. Reduces hair frizziness and tangling
  2. Reduces hair loss 
  3. Retains moisture
  4. Reduces wrinkles
  5. Reduces acne 
  6. Hypoallergenic 



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